Attendo in brief

The way we care for people who need care defines a society. 
The Nordic societies have a proud tradition of securing the basic needs of its citizens by providing each individual with equal access and equal financing of basic care and health care services. Historically, our societies have provided these services in public monopolies. 
Over time it became more and more challenging for the public monopolies to satisfy our societies’ ambitions to meet the increasing and more individualized needs, desires and calls for freedom to choose from new and larger aging generations. 
In the late 1980s, Attendo paved the way for a new movement that wanted to test a different idea, when we offered to take over the provision of home care in Stocksund outside Stockholm. We said: “We think we can do this better. Give us the chance to prove that we can be an alternative, that there is more than one way of doing things. We believe that there are as many ways of caring for people as there are people. Each individual is unique and should be treated that way. If people like what we do, if we can offer them accessibility, quality, safety and comfort on their own terms, they will come back to us. If not, we will be proven wrong and will have no reason to exist.” 
Today, almost 30 years later, the quality of care and health care services in the Nordic is better than ever. Not only in Attendo, but also in the structures that we challenged. More and more people are given the power to influence their own care and healthcare. Today, hundreds of people all across the Nordics choose Attendo every day and local authorities reach out to us to help them help their citizens. –To get them the care they need, the way they want it.
Attendo – Care Your Way
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Greatest benefits of being a large company

The most important moments in everything that we do, are the individual meetings between our employees and our clients and patients. That is no different in Attendo than in any other company in care and health care. What is special about being a large company is that we can do many things together behind the scenes and learn from each other to help make the meeting between us and our clients and patients as good as it can get. Here are some of our proudest examples of how we contribute as a large company.

Shared vision and values

In Attendo, we are passionate about what we do. Our shared Vision - Empowering the Individual - is our guiding star and why we go to work every day. We want each individual to feel involved and listened to, that each individual feels treated with respect and warmth and feel supported to independence. We want each indivudial to feel safe and secure and a positive effect on quality of life.

During our history, we have built a common set of values together in Attendo. Our values define who we are and therefore we can never compromise with them. In every unit in Attendo we nurture these values and discuss what they mean to each one of us and for our behavior. 



  • We always try to understand the needs & preferences of each individual
  • We take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and are willing to share our results openly
  • We do the right things at the right time
  • We are thorough, and pay attention to detail
  • We contribute to progress by seeking solutions where others see problems


  • We are proud of what we do and being part of Attendo
  • We are reliable and keep our promises
  • We have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations
  • We find satisfaction in a job well done


  • We make people feel safe & secure
  • We help people to help themselves
  • We always treat every person with respect
  • We listen to the individual and adapt our actions
  • We work as a team and support one another within the company 

A world-class system for quality and development

At Attendo, quality is on everybody’s lips. No two situations are the same, and no two individuals have the same conception of quality. But we plan, we execute, we follow-up and we develop according to the same methods and standards. Our award-winning system for working with quality development improves the life and security of our clients and patients every day.

Resources to develop our own homes

During the last five years, we have built more than 3 500 nursing home apartments for older people in the Nordics. Building new state-of-the art facilities requires specialized knowledge. competence and experience as well as an ability to bear large investments. We have all of that and can therefore contribute to meeting the massive need for new nursing homes for our older people.

Employees can develop in Attendo

Attendo’s employees have many opportunities to develop. If you want to take a next step, learn something new or challenge yourself professionally there are many ways in Attendo. Study to get the auxiliary nurse diploma, take on to be a quality coordinator in one of our units or develop as a Doctor and work in a new emergency room. There are many managers in Attendo who did just that.

Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


Attendo is the largest private provider of care services in the Nordic region. We provide services ranging from elderly and social care to health, medical and dental care. For more information contact us at +46 (8) 586 252 00.