Compensation to the Board of Directors

Attendo's Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2016 resolved that remuneration shall amount to 700 000 SEK to the Chairman of the Board and 300 000 SEK each to other Board Members. For 2015, remuneration was paid according to the table shown below. No consultant fees were paid to the company’s owner or Members of the Board. The Board Members employed by Attendo do not receive Board remuneration.

Board remuneration approved at the annual General Meeting 2015 (SEK thousand) Board remuneration Remuneration for committee work Total remuneration
 Erik Lautmann  615  250  865
 Mona Boström  279 -  279
 Jan Frykhammar  279  125  404
 Ulf Lundahl  279  150  429
 Christopher Masek  279   35  314
 Anssi Soila  279 -  279
 Helena Stjernholm    73   81  154
 Christoffer Zilliacus  240  157  397
 Henrik Borelius  -  -  -
 Arja Pohjamäki  -  -  -
 Elisabeth Paller  -  -  -


In the case of Board Members invoicing the amount for Board Member fees through a company, the invoice shall include the amount of social contributions, but they shall not exceed that which the Group would otherwise have paid.


Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


Attendo is the largest private provider of care services in the Nordic region. We provide services ranging from elderly and social care to health, medical and dental care. For more information contact us at +46 (8) 586 252 00.