Financial information

Who owns Attendo?

On a daily basis the owners of Attendo are represented by the professionals at IK Investment Partners (IK) through their work in the Attendo board. The owners they represent are people who have invested money in Attendo, directly or indirectly. The indirect investors are to a large extent savers and pensioners whose capital is managed by banks and insurance companies.

Visit the IK website for an example of institutions who invest in IK funds. The direct owners are Varma, ICG (also institutions) and Attendo management and employees. Almost 200 of Attendo’s employees have invested in Attendo shares. Attendo’s CEO has invested a total of 65MSEK in Attendo and his current ownership share is approximately 2.3%.

Financial overview

  2012* 2013 2014
Net sales MSEK 7 891 8 465 9 045
Operating profit MSEK 596 738 807
Operating margin % 7.5 8.7 9.0
Net earnings MSEK 159 363 226
Net margin % 2.0 4.3 2.0


For detailed information, please download one of Attendo’s annual reports below.

 * Because of a change in group legal structure during 2013, the comparison figures for 2011 and 2012 have changed compared to previously published information. 

Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


At Attendo we have a long history of leading quality and innovation. Our award-winning system for working with quality development improves the life and security of our clients and patients every day.

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