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In my job for Attendo I get to experience a lot of exciting things. Here I write about our business and our role in society on the basis of my everyday in Attendo.

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More sauna in Keski-Suomi and a new gym in Pirkanmaa

  • Henrik Borelius
  • 17 Mar 2017

Jämsä has 20 000 inhabitants and is located in Keski Suomi. Yesterday, I had a nice moose stew at the restaurant Hilpeä Hirvi in Jämsä. There I met some Dutch tourists who were a bit disappointed at the lack of snow. Today, as I visit our nursing home Attendo Jämsä the snow is falling heavily so the Dutch should be happy.

Snowing for the Dutchmen

In this newly opened nursing home we have 60 beds. Many of the customers have dementia so we need to find the right type of activities. Some of the most popular activities are music and bingo. Our manager Hannele compares life here to the old bed wards that we have replaced. There, four older people lived in the same room. Here, you have your own room and it is a more homelike environment.

Hannele and Minna welcomes visitors to our nursing home

At the bed ward, there was a sauna but it wasn’t used so much. Here, there is a customer using the sauna almost every day. It is not that we have more staff here, it is more a matter of mindset and culture. We are there for our customers and listen to them.

The next stop is Attendo Ruusukuja in Orivesi, a nursing home with 30 beds that we started in 2013. Orivesi has 7000 inhabitants.

Laura and Tiina show the lake view

Our local manager Laura shows me the glass veranda with a beautiful view over lake Oriselkä. The most popular activities for the customers here are to be outdoors, baking and singing. Among the favourite food is lettu/pancakes.

I move on to Kangasala. Kangalsala has 30 000 inhabitants and will soon go from being a local authority to a city. Here we have just opened Attendo Herttuatar, a nursing home with 53 beds

Ready for some exercise?

Our local manager Johanna says that there is a strong interest for the new nursing home. We are just getting our gym finished with more modern training machines, a good way to keep active even as you get older.

Sari and Nina and some pullia in the kitchen

The favourite activities among the customers are to meet the physiotherapist, memory games, read magazines and to be outdoors. Today, it smells lovely of freshly baked buns/pullia from the kitchen.

I move on to Tampere, Finland’s 3rd largest city with 200000 inhabitants. It is beautifully situated between lakes. Our nursing home Attendo Villa Aalto has a nice view over Lake Näsijärvi. Attendo Villa Aalto started in 2008 and has 59 beds.

I meet Carmen. She used to work as a licensed nurse in the Northern Philippines. Now, she has come to Finland as part of Attendo’s training and recruiting program and really likes it here in Tampere.

Carmen – from the Philippines to Tampere

I meet Vera who is a lähihoitaja/auxiliary nurse in the nursing home. She says customers like activities such as outdoors life, bingo, music competition and baking traditional bakeries over holidays.

I then visit our dental clinic Attendo Hammaslääkäri Posti. It is a busy day as this is a popular clinic in central Tampere.

Ready to help Tampere customers with their teeth

Here we can offer a broad range of dental services, from check-ups and fillings to a high expertise in anaesthesiology. We also aim to stay ahead in areas such as ceramics and 3D X rays

Mika shows our CBCT, a 3D X ray

Then, I visit our doctor staffing office in Tampere. Here, we help local health centres with flexible staffing solutions. Saara explains that the need can arise for many reasons, often because a doctor is sick or on maternity leave and then we can help.

Saara and Jussi discuss how we can help local authorities with staffing solutions

For the doctors, Attendo is an attractive work place as we provide an opportunity to experience a broad variety of health care tasks. Also, we accomodate the work to doctor’s desire for how much they want to work.

Zaba and Sia are part of the team

As I leave Tampere, I think about the breadth of competence we have not just in Keski-Suomi or Pirkanmaa but the whole of Attendo. We can help customers and local authorities in Finland with a lot of different services in a lot of different situations.

Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


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