Development of society

Attendo helps solve many critical social problems. One long-term problem is that the public sector have difficulties managing the large investments required as an ageing population increases the need for care and health care services. Care and health care is the largest single public expenditure item in all Nordic countries. The sector is extremely important to customers, patients, their families, employees, and to society as a whole. Society demands that every individual must be offered the best possible care and health care, security, and quality of life. To make this possible, Attendo focuses on the following:

We are investing to address the chapacity shortage

There is a significant shortage of nursing home beds in Finland and Sweden. Statistics from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket), show that 43 percent of Swedish municipalities had a shortage of nursing home beds in 2017. And all indicators point to an increase in the need for care services in the long run. The demographic trend indicates a sharp increase in the population aged 85+ in the Nordic countries in the next 15 years.

We estimate that we are going to need to build about 80,000 new nursing home beds in Sweden and Finland by 2030. Private providers have accounted for about half of all new production of nursing homes in Sweden and Finland in recent years.

Investments in new homes also lead to several other positive social impacts. Every new home with 54 apartments creates about 50 jobs once up and running as well as more than 30 full time employments during the building phase. When a new building is built, older nursing homes can often be converted to housing and thus help alleviate the housing shortage.

We address complex care and health care challenges

Attendo has the ability to address complex care and health care challenges. Our services include care and health care for individuals with multiple disabilities or highly complex diagnoses, such as Parkinson´s disease.

Within individual and family care, our assistance includes helping local authorities create a good care and living environment for unaccompanied children. Several of our units for recent immigrants are working actively to support residents in their search for summer jobs with the purpose to improve integration.

We also provide meaningful activities for people with mental disabilities and work actively to match individuals enrolled in our daily activities programmes with workplaces/work experience places where they can come as close as possible to an ordinary working life. We also worked during the year to make it possible for more group homes to offer couples the opportunity to live together.

We contribute to the economy

Attendo contributes to the economy through corporate and salary related tax. In 2017, Attendo paid SEK 207m in corporate tax, of which SEK 116m in Sweden and SEK 87m in Finland. Attendo pays more tax than any other private care provider in Sweden and Finland.

We are a large employer

Attendo is one of the largest employers in the Nordics, with more than 24,000 employees. This facilitates greater opportunities for career development and more alternatives for care and health care staff. Attendo is also making an important difference in the labour market by offering people a gateway to their first jobs, especially for young people and recent immigrants.

Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


Attendo is the largest private provider of care services in the Nordic region. We provide services ranging from elderly and social care to health, medical and dental care. For more information contact us at +46 (8) 586 252 00.