Acquisitions and divestments

Attendo's largest acquisitions and divestments are listed below. Some of the old press releases are only available in Swedish.

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2018 - Divestment of Attendo's Finnish healthcare operations

Attendo divested the Finnish healthcare business to Terveystalo. The healthcare business was part of Attendo's operations in Finland. Through the divestment, Attendo became a focused care company in the Nordic market.

Read more about the divestment here (PDF document, 135 kB)

2017 – Acquisition of Mikeva

Attendo acquired the Finnish care company Mikeva. The acquisition strengthens Attendo's operations in social psychiatry and care for people with disabilities, and geographically supplements Attendo's offer in care for older people.

Read more about the acquisition here (PDF document, 141 kB)

2007 - Acquisition of MedOne


Attendo acquired MedOne from Sponsor Capital, the leading supplier of medical and health care services in Finland. This acquisition enabled Attendo to expand its activities in Finland.

Read more about the acquisition here (PDF document, 31 kB)

2006 - Acquisition of Barn & Ungdomsgruppen

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Attendo Care has acquired Barn & Ungdomsgruppen AB. With this acquisition, Attendo Care expanded its operations in the social services area to, in addition to care for older people and the functionally disabled, even include support and treatment for children and families

Read more about the acquisition here (PDF document, 140 kB)

2005 - Acquisition of Riksbyggens Serviceboenden AB


Attendo has acquired Riksbyggen’s care for older people activities, Riksbyggen Serviceboende AB Today, Attendo is the Nordic region’s leading company for care for older people and this acquisition primarily strengthened the company’s position in western and northern Sweden.

Read more about the acquisition here (PDF document, 108 kB)

2004 - Acquisition of Capio Group's elderly care business


Attendo acquired Capio Care of Capio. The purpose of the acquisition was to improve the care of the elderly and disabled.

Read more about the acquisition here (PDF document, 116 kB)