Development of society

Care and health care is the largest public expenditure item in all Nordic countries. Attendo helps solve many critical social care issues by investing in new capacity and by addressing complex care challenges.

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The care sector is extremely important to customers, their families, employees, and to society as a whole. Attendo strives to offer every individual the best possible care, with security, self-dependence and quality of life.

We are investing to address the capacity shortage

There is a growin shortage of nursing home beds in the Nordics. The demographic development is also contributing to a growing number of citizens of age 85 or older in the Nordics in the next 15 years.

Between 2020 and 2030, Attendo estimates a need for around 85 000 new beds in care homes for older people in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Private providers have accounted for about half of all new production of nursing homes in Sweden and Finland in recent years. Attendo alone has contributed with more than one fifth of all the new beds in nursing homes since 2008.

Investments in new homes also lead to several other positive social impacts. Every new home with 54 apartments creates about 50 jobs once up and running as well as more than 30 full time employments during the building phase.

In recent years, Attendo has increased the rate of establishing new nursing homes and homes for people with disabilities in Sweden and Finland. In 2018, we broke a new record in openings.

We address complex care challenges

Attendo has the ability to address complex care and health care challenges. Our services include care and health care for individuals with multiple disabilities or highly complex diagnoses, such as Huntington´s and Parkinson´s disease. Within individual and family care, our assistance includes helping local authorities create a good care and living environment for unaccompanied children.

Attendo has expertise within multiple areas of care for persons with disabilities. For instance, our systematic way of working has contributed to us establishing two out of three care homes in Sweden specialiased in Prader-Willi syndrome, a condition charaterized by uncontrolled appetite.

In Finland, we are actively contributing to better access to care to small and remote towns. Municipalities choose Attendo as we are contributing to the development of quality in care, and simultaneously for providing a better benchmark for the cost of their own operations and thus a more effective use of tax money.

We contribute to the economy

Attendo is the largest tax payer among private provider of care service in Sweden and Finland. In 2018, Attendo paid SEK 88m in corporate tax, of which SEK 86m in Sweden. Attendo always pay tax on the surplus of our business in the country of origin.

We are a large employer

Attendo is one of the largest employers in the Nordics, with approximately 25,000 employees. This facilitates greater opportunities for career development and more alternatives for care staff. Attendo is also making an important difference in the labour market by offering people a gateway to their first jobs, especially for young people and immigrants.