Development of society

Care and health care is the largest public expenditure item in all Nordic countries. Attendo helps solve many critical social care issues by investing in new capacity and by addressing complex care challenges.

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Care is profoundly important to customers and their families, employees and society as a whole. The public demand is that every individual must be offered good care that provides safety, independence and quality of life. Attendo is making a goal-oriented contribution to that effort.

Society is facing higher care needs

There is a shortage of care beds in the Nordic countries. According to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning Boverket), 109 out of 290 local authorities in Sweden had a shortage of nursing homes in 2020 and 144 local authorities reported a shortage of homes for people with disabilities.

The demographic trend indicates a steep rise in the population aged 85+ in the Nordic countries in the next 15 years. In our assessment, we are going to need to build about 75,000 new nursing home beds in Sweden, Finland and Denmark by 2030. The forecast includes new capacity as well as replacement of existing homes that no longer meet current standards.

Leaders in new establishment

Private providers accounted for more than half of all new production of nursing homes in Sweden and Finland in recent years. Attendo alone has provided more than one out of five new nursing home beds since 2008.

Establishment of a new care home also leads to several benefits to society. A home with about 60 apartments creates more than 30 annual jobs during the building phase and more than 50 jobs once it is up and running.

When Attendo continuously builds new facilities, the company also supports local authorities with expertise in nursing home establishment, from the identification of suitable land, the property developer and investors to staff recruitment and moving in of residents.

The high rate of openings in the last three years has led to significant occupancy problems with significant vacancies related to total beds available within Attendo. The rate of openings was therefore decelerated in 2020 compared to the peak years of 2018 and 2019. The intent is to maintain a more sustainable rate of opening of new care homes in the next few years.

Goal-oriented efforts to manage skills shortages

An expanded care system is going to require more employees. There are already shortages in several care occupations in the Nordic countries. Alongside this, a high rate of retirement is expected among care workers in the next few years.

Attendo is making goal-oriented efforts to persuade more people to seek out careers in the occupations where there are shortages and participates regularly at various job fairs. In one particular project ongoing since 2015, Attendo has recruited nurses from The Philippines to Sweden and Finland. Attendo initiated a new programme in 2020 aimed at recruiting an additional 1,000 nurses from The Philippines over the next four years. 

Addressing complex care and health care challenges

Attendo is addressing complex care and health care challenges

The services we provide include care for individuals with multiple diagnoses and individuals with multiple disabilities or especially complex diagnoses, such as Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. In the area of individual and family care, we are helping local authorities create qualified care and good lives for young people with a range of needs, by recruiting and certifying family care homes for example.

Attendo has strong expertise in several aspects of care for people with disabilities. We have, for example, established two of only three care homes in Sweden that specialise in PraderWilli Syndrome, whose main effect is uncontrollable appetite.

We offer meaningful activities for people with mental health issues and work actively to match individuals enrolled in daily activities programmes with work opportunities.

In Finland, we are helping to secure access to care in numerous small communities. Many local authorities choose to partner with Attendo because it helps promote new methods and quality improvement in care. At the same time, this gives municipalities a clear view of their own coosts, which leads to more efficient use of taxpayers’ money.

A significant taxpayer

Attendo is one of the private care services providers in Sweden and Finland that pays the most tax. During the period 2016-2020, Attendo payed an average of SEK 140 million in corporate taxes per year, whereof SEK 80 million in Sweden and SEK 58 million in Finland. Attendo always pays taxes in the country where profits are generated.

In addition to tax on the company’s profits, Attendo also pays payroll taxes and social fees. In 2020, social expenses were SEK 1.062 billion, whereof SEK 955 million in Sweden and SEK 107 million in Finland.