People with varying backgrounds and needs, benefit from Attendo’s care every day. The competence, commitment and care of Attendo's employees are critical to ensuring that our customers and their families are satisfied with our efforts.

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A values-driven work

Attendo's operations are built on a strong foundation of shared values. Our values ​​- competence, commitment and care - act as a guide in everyday life to fulfill the vision: Empowering the individual. Our customers should always feel safe, secure and independent. We put the needs of the individual first and respond to all persons with respect and warmth.

Based on local needs, our operations conduct values discussions based on everyday incidents. An extensive material for guiding and drawing conclusions of the values work is available through Attendo's central functions.

Satisfied employees

Attendo has approximately 25,000 employees in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We place great emphasis on being an attractive employer, and that our employees should be satisfied with their own work situation as well as with us as an employer and their immediate manager.

We continuously monitor what our employees think through annual development talks and daily dialogue. Each year, temperature measurements are also made of the employees' work situation and how satisfied they are with the work and their workplace. The results of these studies have been good and stable over time. The average employee satisfaction rate in 2019 was 3.9 out of 5 possible. The satisfaction with the closest manager was also 3.9 out of 5.0.

Competence that makes a difference

To ensure high quality and continued development, Attendo offers continuous training to all employees. All employees are offered a thorough introduction with, among other things, supervised work sessions and sponsorship activities. All skills development is then based on individual plans. These can include local, central and web-based education.

Attendo is looking for leaders who want to make a difference. Leadership in Attendo is about responsibility, visibility and accessibility. Each business manager has a great responsibility for his or her own business, and should systematically delegate responsibility so that the employees feel involved. We invest in enhancing the skills of the business managers, especially through extensive internal basic training.

A good working environment

Attendo works actively to enable managers and employees to assess risks and act in a way that gives us safe and secure workplaces, and prevents risks of threats and violence. We follow up sick leave to help employees get back to work as quickly as is appropriate.

In 2019, the app “Mobil omsorg” was implemented in nursing homes in Scandinavia; a digital tool that increases the quality of care through safer handovers and also reduces the stress for our employees.