Our employees are Attendo’s most vital resource. Their care, commitment and competence are critical to ensuring that our customers and their families are satisfied with our efforts. We are committed to offering a stimulating workplace to everyone who wants to make a difference.

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A company with clear values

Attendo is a large company with a large workforce. Our vision and our values both express ambitions and are the tools for achieving them. The values - care, commitment and competence - function as signposts towards fulfilling the vision: Empowering the individual. The vision means that we must see, support and strengthen everyone in everything we do. The aim is to ensure that everyone can lead independent and meaningful lives.

Our values work is based on the circumstances in individual units and local situations. A regional values organisation is gathered under a national umbrella responsible for delivering training, spreading information and developing practical tools used in values work. Regular “values weeks” ensure special focus on values work.

Care Heroes in the spotlight

Attendo intensified its focus during 2020 on employees who make a difference in care. Each region in Scandinavia has recognised a regional Care Hero – someone who has tested new methods, demonstrated particular ability to boost care or has been a role model to others. After a vote by all employees, Lovelyn Buking, a nurse at Attendo HSL Västerås, was named Care Hero of the Year.

In Finland, extensive work to improve the employee experience launched in 2020. Under the term “the Change Journey” a number of initiatives are taken to improve communication and feedback, in order to get employees involved in the work to improve both the practical work and Attendos reputation.

A Code of Conduct guides our work

Attendo’s Code of Conduct contains guidelines and support for our day-to-day work. The Code covers business ethics as well as areas including human rights, discrimination, whistle blower protection, employment conditions and health and safety. All Attendo employees are regularly informed of their obligation to understand and comply with the Code.

Committed employees

Attendo is firmly committed to being an attractive employer and believes employees should be happy with their personal work situation and their immediate managers. We continuously track employee opinion through annual performance and development dialogues, monthly workplace meetings and daily dialogue. Regular “temperature readings” are used to keep tabs on
our employees’ job situations and how satisfied they are with their jobs and workplace. In 2020, employee engagement (eNPS) increased to the highest listing ever, with an eNPS result of 16 (Scandinavia) and 7 (Finland), respectively.

Ongoing skills development

Attendo offers training to new and existing employees. New employees are provided a thorough introduction including supervised shifts and a mentor programme. All skills development is based on individual plans. In addition, employees can participate in local, central and digital trainings. We also offer on-the-job learning and encourage job rotation. 

In 2020, newly established development grants were awarded to an outstanding employee and to a local operation for demonstrating particularly good ideas for improving care.

Managers with extensive personal responsibility

Attendo works systematically to recruit and develop outstanding managers. At Attendo, leadership is all about accountability, visibility and accessibility. Local managers bear personal responsibility for their operations while delegating responsibility so that employees feel empowered. Support functions and procedures ensure that operations maintain a consistently high minimum level.

A good work environment

Attendo works actively, systematically and preventively to reduce risks and promote employee health and safety. We train managers and employees to assess risks and act in a manner that ensures safe and secure workplaces and prevents the risk of threats and violence. Periods of sickness leave are followed up to help employees quickly return to work.