All care is created in the personal encounter between Attendo’s employees and the customer. At Attendo, we are working to give every employee the conditions necessary for them to deliver excellent job performance. We are doing this by basing our care on clear values, industry-leading leadership, personal development opportunities and encouragement to help improve care delivery.

Active values work based on clear values

Attendo is a large company with more than 30,000 employees. Our mission and our values are both an ambition and a tool.

Values work at Attendo Scandinavia is based on the circumstances of each unit and local situations. A regional values organisation is gathered under a national umbrella responsible for delivering training, spreading information and developing practical tools used in values work. Two “values weeks” were held in the spring and autumn. The autumn week focused especially on the Code of Conduct.

Values work in Finland is integrated with customer experience efforts, which
are described more fully in the “Quality of life” section.

Focus on care heroes

Attendo maintained its focus during 2022 on recognising employees who
make a difference in care. Each region in Scandinavia has recognised a regional Care Hero who has tested new methods, demonstrated particular ability to elevate care or has been a role model to others. All Care Heroes have been profiled in Magasinet Omsorg, a customer and employee magazine distributed in more than 25,000 copies in Attendo Scandinavia.
After a vote by all employees, Mohammed Kamruzzaman at Attendo Sabbatsbergsbyn was named Care Hero of the Year.

Ongoing training

Attendo offers training to new and existing employees. New employees are provided a thorough introduction including supervised shifts and a mentor programme. All competence development is based on individual plans. In addition, employees can participate in local, central and digital trainings. We also offer on-thejob learning and encourage job rotation.

A new training programme – Attendo Akatemia – took shape in Finland in 2022. The programme is intended to cover new employee induction as well as further training provided to everyone from hourly employees and full-time employees to team leaders and local leaders. The launch is planned for early 2023.

Leaders with extensive personal responsibility

At Attendo, leadership is all about accountability, visibility and accessibility.

Local leaders bear personal responsibility for their operations and delegate responsibility so that employees feel empowered. Support functions and procedures ensure that operations maintain a consistently high minimum level.

A new central introduction programme for manages was launched in Attendo Scandinavia in 2022, covering seven training days divided into three sessions. Meetings are alternated with e-trainings and online seminars to provide more time for discussion and exchange of lessons learnt.

The Finnish leadership programme, Taru 3.0, launched in 2021 continued during the year, which after the pandemic now includes in-person training sessions A total of about 550 leaders have been trained in a variety of themed areas, including operational management and handling of employment contracts.

Good working conditions for all employees

Attendo shall be an employer people can count on, one that promotes and respects employee rights, maintains good employment and working conditions and focuses on the work environment, company culture and opportunities to grow and develop. We work actively, systematically and preventively to reduce risks and promote employee health and safety.

Leaders and employees are trained to assess risks and act in a manner that ensures safe and secure workplaces and prevents the risk of threats and violence. Sickness leaves are followed up to help employees quickly return to work.

Attendo welcomes employees from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Every Attendo employee must be treated respectfully and given equal working conditions of employment, working conditions and opportunities for career development. Discrimination in any form is not allowed and ongoing talks are held to capture employees’ points of view.

Attendo strives to have constructive relationships with employees and their union representatives. Cooperation and constructive dialogue are a natural part of getting Attendo’s employees to feel empowered, find meaning in providing care and feel committed to Attendo’s customers.

Attendo welcomes employees from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Every Attendo employee must be treated respectfully and given equal working conditions of employment, working conditions and opportunities for career development.

Attendo wants proud employees who uphold the principle of the equal dignity of all human beings. We we actively work against all forms of discrimination - among employees, among customers, and between customers and employees. Managers discuss and regularly inform employees about Attendo’s efforts to prevent discrimination.

Satisfied employees

Attendo is firmly committed to being an attractive employer and believes employees should be satisfied with their personal work situation and their immediate leaders. We continuously track employee opinion through annual performance and development dialogues, monthly workplace meetings and daily dialogue. Regular “temperature readings” are used to keep tabs on our employees job situations and how satisfied they are with their jobs and workplace. Measurements in 2022 show that job satisfaction and
satisfaction with line leaders remained high (3.9 out of 5), as well as an increased eNPS score.

Recruitment for future needs

Care needs are going to increase substantially in the next ten years. Over that period, however, the working age population is not expected to grow,
meaning that a larger percentage of new arrivals to the labour market must be recruited to the care sector.

Attendo intensified its efforts in 2022 to secure competence provision for future needs. Attendo acquired Silkkitie in Finland in March. Silkkitie specialises in recruiting and training nurses and assistant nurses from countries where there is a surplus of these professionals. In total, about 1/3 of the labour force requirement in Finland will be covered by labour immigration.