Focus on quality

Attendo’s quality improvement goes further than what is required by law and contracting local authorities. The ambition is to offer high and stable technical quality and drive the development of new methods and new technology in the industry. Attendo works systematically to constantly monitor and enhance
quality improvement.

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Quality that is measured and followed up

Attendo constantly strives to improve both technical and perceived quality. Accordingly, we work systematically to further develop, measure and follow up our operations. Much of what is now considered industry standards, such as social documentation, contact persons and personal time, are the
results of Attendo’s development work.

For a long time, the focus remained on measured “technical” quality. We are now working to also improve perceived quality: how satisfied our customers and relatives are with the service Attendo delivers. Two new apps were launched in 2020 to improve communication among employees and between Attendo and relatives. Along with apps for mobile planning and documentation, they are examples of how we are working to improve the care we deliver.

Above and beyond legal and contractual requirements

The content of our care services is regulated in contracts, laws and provisions. This also applies to requirements in areas including health and safety (work environment), information security, infection prevention, food handling and fire prevention. Supervisory authorities and local authorities are jointly responsible for ensuring that care is of good quality and regularly inspect our operations.
Attendo documents and regularly evaluates care services and overall operations. Quality work is based on guidelines, support and follow-up from central quality functions in each business area and is led locally by specially appointed quality coaches or other local managers.

After the care crisis in 2019, Attendo Finland has through systematic improvements increased customer and relatives satisfaction, and also reduced both the number of inspections and remarks from supervisory authorities.

New way of working with quality improvement

In 2020, work began on developing a new systematic working method around quality. The new quality model will focus on three areas: 1) perceived quality, 2) results of care interventions, and 3) technical quality and processes. Thenew way of working will be gradually developed and introduced in operations in the coming years, starting in Finland. As a consequence, there are no numbers for comparison for Finland for the year 2020.

Industry-leading quality improvement

Attendo was the first care provider in the industry to establish a digital quality system. The latest version is called AQ20. The quality initiatives for each local operation are entered into the system and evaluated based on three aspects: customer satisfaction, systematic improvement and best available knowledge.

The system is used to generate Attendo’s own quality index, the Quality Thermometer. It consists of nine components within the three mainstays. Each component and the weight assigned to it is adapted to local operations.

Outcomes at the unit, regional and group level provide a comprehensive view of how well quality improvement is working and what needs to be done to further enhance quality. Central quality functions regularly carry out internal inspections and audits and provide training and support to local quality coaches.

Quality Model (AQ20)

Attendo’s quality monitoring system is based on three mainstays:

Customer satisfaction: Our efforts are always based on the needs and preferences of the customer. We work constantly to enhance the customer’s experience and satisfaction with our services.

Systematic improvements: We work systematically with every aspect of planning, execution, monitoring and development. Systematic quality improvement ensures that we comply with laws and regulations and take advantage of opportunities for operational improvements.

Best available knowledge: Attendo gathers and spreads the best available knowledge and methods across the organisation. We compare outcomes among units to identify and spread optimal work procedures.


Quality index

Attendo will strive to maintain and further improve its leading position in quality and customer satisfaction.

84 Out of 100 quality index 2018

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