Focus on quality

Attendo’s quality work goes well beyond the requirements stated by law and payors. We work systematically to introduce new methods and innovation with the ambition to continuously improve our quality work.

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Innovations that lead the industry

At Attendo, we are convinced that it is possible to measure quality in care and care. We constantly strive to further increase both the technical and perceived quality.

Much of what is now considered to be industry practice in Nordic care, such as social documentation, contact persons and own time, is the result of Attendo's development work. Today, Attendo is working to digitize the work, among other things to ensure that customers always receive the care they have been granted by their municipality.

We continuously evaluate both individual healthcare and care efforts as well as the operations as a whole. Attendo has a quality system where processes and activities are defined, measured and followed up every month.

Our ambition is to constantly develop and improve the quality of care.

An industry-leading quality model

Attendo's quality work is based on a three-pillar model:
Satisfied individuals: All efforts are based on the customer's wishes and needs. Attendo has long followed up the satisfaction of customers and their relatives and we see a clear positive trend over time.

Systematic improvement work: We work thoughtfully and systematically at every stage with planning, implementation, follow-up and development. This ensures that we follow laws and regulations and that we constantly identify and take advantage of opportunities for improvement in our operations.

Best available knowledge: Attendo attaches great importance to knowledge transfer, and has routines to disseminate best available knowledge and working methods throughout the organization. We compare units to identify and spread improvements to more businesses.

The quality thermometer shows the development

Attendo's own quality index, the Quality Thermometer, consists of a total of ten parts that reflect the work within the three pillars. The measure at unit, regional and group level give us a good overview of the results of the quality work and what needs to be done to further improve the quality. Central quality functions regularly carry out extensive self-checks and audits, as well as support and train the local quality coordinators.

Annual Quality Report

Every year Attendo compiles the results of the quality measures we have taken in our operations in a Annual Quality Report. The information that can be found the report shows the results we have achieved, as well as how we have changed our work methods over the year, refined our methods for measuring quality and improved the daily life of our clients and patients.

Quality index

Attendo will strive to maintain and further improve its leading position in quality and customer satisfaction.

84 Out of 100 quality index 2018

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