Social and environmental sustainability

Attendo works systematically to increase its contribution to sustainable development in areas such as social factors and diversity, anti-corruption and human rights, as well as the environment and climate.

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Diversity and gender equality

The care sector is characterised by people of many different nationalities and backgrounds. The diversity among our employees reflects the needs of our customers, and we are contributing actively to increasing the proportion of women managers in the business sector.

Attendo welcomes employees from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Every Attendo employee must be treated respectfully and given equal opportunities for career development. It is a fundamental precept that everyone should have equitable terms of employment and equal working conditions.

A significant proportion of Attendo’s employees are women, which is reflected at all levels of the business. Almost 9 out of 10 managers at Attendo are women, which is much higher than the average in the business sector. Many of the women who have advanced to prominent positions have worked for Attendo for a long time. Attendo works actively to reward talented managers through advancement from local manager to regional or functional manager at a higher level.

Human rights and anti-corruption

People who need social care are often in a position where it is difficult for them to assert their rights. Attendo works systematically to safeguard all customers’ right to care based on their needs and preferences. We work actively to prevent discrimination and dubious business relationships.

Attendo's Code of Conduct contains guidelines and support for the challenges that may arise in our daily work. The code deals with business ethics and anti-corruption, but also areas such as human rights, discrimination, freedom of communication for employees, employment conditions and work environment.

All employees at Attendos must acknowledge the code at the time of employment, and are then regularly informed of the obligation to understand and follow the code. You can read more about Attendo's Code of Conduct here.

Attendo aims to be a leading employer in the care sector. We endeavour to maintain good and close relationships with our employees’ union representatives, to rapidly resolve labour conflicts and to comply with valid collective agreements as regards pay and other working conditions. All Attendo employees are covered by some form of collective agreement.

Resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable care

Demands that business should lead the transition to a sustainable society are increasing with every year that passes. Attendo is working actively to improve efficiency, conserve resources and make choices that reduce the climate impact of our operations.

As a service company, Attendo’s business has a relatively small environmental load compared to manufacturing companies of the same size. Attendo’s environmental impact comes primarily from our vehicle fleet and our buildings. In addition, reduced use of disposable products, for example, can be both good for the environment and lead to more efficient operations for our contracting local authorities.

Attendo bases its work on an environmental policy that guides us towards making green choices in the areas of purchasing, transport, energy and water consumption and waste management (including environmentally hazardous waste). Attendo coordinates all purchasing to achieve the greatest possible coordination advantages while ensuring environmental benefit. Suppliers that qualify to be included in Attendo’s central purchasing system must meet the requirements specified in Attendo’s environmental policy.

The company has an environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard to structure environmental efforts. The management system governs the initiatives we take, how they are carried out, the scope of application and their results.