Strategy and financial targets


  • Attendo is to be the most attractive choice and the most respected care and health care company in the Nordics.
  • Attendo is to be the largest private care provider in Europe in 2025.

Based on Attendo’s vision and overall strategic goals, the Company has defined the following strategy: sustainable and stable operations, customer proximity with a clear offering, proximity to the operations and continued international expansion.

Sustainable and stable operations

With sustainable and stable operations, Attendo intends to create a stable growth and customer benefits, based on its core operation and strengthen by the scale of the Company. To establish a sustainable and stable operation, Attendo is eager to conduct the right operations, with the right quality and the right margins where Attendo benefits from its size.

Proximity to customers with a clear offering

Proximity to the client with a clear offering comprises, for Attendo, to be first with the latest service offering and creating an attractive brand from the perspective of Attendo’s clients and patients.

Proximity to operations

With proximity to the operations, Attendo intends to ensure the best possible service offering in the industry. This is essentially about maintaining and developing the essence of the Attendo model.

Continued international expansion

Attendo sees clear opportunities to create value with the Attendo model in new service areas and markets through strategic acquisitions. Attendo begins by evaluating the strategic fit and the market conditions to integrate a platform within new segments and countries. If the Company sees good opportunities to create value, the next step will be to acquire and integrate the platform into the Attendo model.

Financial targets

Attendo sees a connection between high quality and stable margins. Attendo does not intend to grow on the expense of quality or profitability.


  • In the long term, 7 percent through organic growth as well as bolt-on acquisitions.


  • In the long term, maintain current EBITA margins of approximately 9 percent.

Capital structure

Attendo is to have a strong financial position that secures financial stability and provides opportunities to implement long term decisions.

  • The net debt in relation to EBITDA is not to exceed a ratio of 3.75.

Dividend policy

Decisions on dividends are to be based on Attendo’s investment
opportunities and financial position.

  • Dividend policy: 30 percent of net profits are to be distributed.
Attendo values

Competence - for us, competence means for example that we take pride in being at the forefront of quality in our industry and that we are willing to share our results openly.

Commitment - for us, commitment means for example that we have a ”can do attitude” and always try to exceed expectations.

Care - for us, care means for example that we make people feel safe & secure.


Attendo is the largest private provider of care services in the Nordic region. We provide services ranging from elderly and social care to health, medical and dental care. For more information contact us at +46 (8) 586 252 00.