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Attendo offers care services for older people, people with disabilities and individual and families. We currently conduct activities in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

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Attendo - Care your way!

The Nordic countries have a proud tradition of meeting the most basic needs of all citizens’ by providing equal access to health and social care services. For a very long time these services were solely provided by public monopolies.

Over time, it has become more difficult for the public monopolies to maintain high quality welfare services while simultaneously meeting the expectations of both the younger and older generations’ to recieve tailored welfare services that matches each individual’s unique needs, wants and preferences.

About three decades ago, an idea was born to offer an alternative to public care. A business plan took shape among some people in the state owned company Procordia. The idea was to provide older people with home services - cooking, cleaning, washing and everyday transportation to the grocery store or the healthcare center - all according to the individuals´needs and wishes. Shortly therafter, Attendo was the first private provider to take over the outsourced home care in Stocksund outside Stockholm.

Today, Attendo is one of the Nordic countries’ oldest and leading care companies with over 24,000 employees in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We offer care services to older people and people with special needs at more than 700 units in 200 municipalities. Our idé is just as simple as it is challenging - to provide the care you need, in the way you want it.

Attendo has through the years has a consequent foxus on quality. Many of the routines and methods we take for granted in todays' care were developed through innovations in our operations; contact persons, home binder, own time, digital documentation and follow-up, customer surveys, and more.

Through Attendos' efforts, the quality of care services in the Nordic countries is better than ever, whithout increased cost. And that's not just within Attendo, but also in the public sectors we challenged. More and more people are being empowered with the ability to affect their own health and social care. And many professions have been offered an alternative to working for public care.

Today, thousands of people choose Attendo for their everyday care needs, and public suppliers turn to us to help them help their citizens - to get the care they need, in the way they want it!

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Martin Tivéus
Attendo CEO

For more information on what we do, visit one of our local websites in Sweden, Finland and Denmark