Code of conduct

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Attendo’s Code of Conduct is based on our vision and our values. Attendo’s vision and overall purpose is: Empowering the individual. By this we mean that everything we do aims to ensure that each individual feels involved and listened to, is met with warmth and respect, receives support in achieving independence and feels safe and secure.

Every individual shall perceive that their quality of life is positively affected. Attendo’s vision and values are reflected in our internal policies, instructions and guidelines and shall function as a guide in our decision-making and actions.

Attendo’s Code of Conduct aims to provide further guidance on how we should handle the challenges that Attendo’s Board of Directors, Management and employees face in their daily work with clients and patients, employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Attendo is a responsible organisation that has a strong focus on continued learning, development and change. By maintaining strong ethics guidelines while steadfastly sticking to our values and continually striving to maintain the confidence of our interested parties – we will be able to build a strong trademark at the same time that we will be able to attract the best employees that can support and contribute to our future development. All of Attendo’s business partners are encouraged to apply these principles, which is part of our evaluation of existing and future suppliers.

Attendo’s Code of Conduct and principles for social responsibility and observance of ethical principles is based on international generally accepted regulations and norms.

Read our Code of Conduct here. (PDF document, 386 kB)