Read our Code of Conduct here.

Attendo’s mission is to empower the individual, which means to see, support and strengthen every person in our care to an independent and meaningful life. We do this based on our values - care, commitment and competence - in a way that is characterized by openness and continuous learning. Our mission and values are both long-term goals and daily  tools to realize our high ambitions. By anchoring our daily work in our mission and our values, we will succeed with our strategic goal – to be the most attractive choice in Nordic care.

Attendo’s Code of Conduct is based on our core values and our promises to customers and relatives, to our colleagues and to the society. It provides a common foundation for how we act in our work. The code is meant to guide us and support our decisions and actions, especially when they are difficult or uncertain. The code is also an expression of Attendo's commitment to openness and for how we together create a culture based on responsibility, trust and team spirit.

The Code of Conduct contains extensive information on how Attendo managers and employees should act. The complete code is available above. In the daily work, each employee should be guided by the below principles – these principles reflect the approach that should be the basis for everything we do at Attendo. More information about the meaning of each of these points can be found in the complete Code of Conduct.


  1. We always put the customer at the center.
  2. We meet persons close to our customers with empathy and support.
  3. We are all responsible for ensuring high quality care.
  4. We have an open, respectful and direct dialogue with each other.
  5. We run our operations in collaboration with the municipalities.
  6. We uphold laws, regulations and ethical principles.
  7. We embrace diversity and do not accept any form of discrimination.
  8. We act with integrity in our work.  
  9. We are a learning organization.
  10. We protect our company’s reputation and its assets.