Idea to modernise the care for older people

A few entrepreneurs within the former state company Procordia came up with the idea to modernise the care for older people. They wrote a business plan that focused on offering new, flexible solutions for high quality care in a society with an ageing population.

Despite the tough conditions, they received their first contract for conducting home care services in Stocksund. Today, Attendo has almost 35,000 employees at over 800 units in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Around 30,000 clients come to us to have their care needs met. We are one of the industry’s leading actors with regard to quality work, and we consistently receive high ratings from customers, relatives and employees.


Ownership history

The origins of today’s Attendo come from the wholly state-owned company Procordia, which in the 1980s ran a large number of different operations mainly in consumer goods. At the beginning of the 1990s, Procordia was partly privatised, and Attendo received its first private owner in the form Industri Kapital (known today as IK Investment Partners).

Since 1995, ownership of Attendo has wandered through the two services companies Sodexho and TeleLarm Care, to Bridgepoint and then back to IK Investment Partners.

During these years, key employees and managers in Attendo were offered to buy shares in the company, building the base of the broad ownership among management and employees in Attendo.

In 2015, IK Investment Partners took Attendo to the stock market, where a group of key investors led by Nordstjernan stepped in as main owners of Attendo. Since then, Attendo is a publicly listed share at Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm.

The current ownership can be found here.


1985-1992: State owned Procordia is the first owner and forms Procordia Service. It is the beginning of a modern group within safety, care and service.

1993-1994: Yesterday’s Attendo is privatised and Industri Kapital takes over ownership. The Group develops adding several services aimed at care for older people.

1995-2000: French services company Sodexho buys what later becomes Attendo. The Group’s services and staffing services are developed.

2000-2005: Gustaf Douglas and Melker Schörling, through the company TeleLarm Care, which was an important piece of the puzzle in the founding of Attendo, take over as owners. At the beginning of this period, the name is changed to Attendo and the quality concept is developed.

2005-2006: Bridgepoint recruits and develops Attendo into a pure health and social care company, by selling the safety alarm and alarm center operations.

2007-2015: IK Investment Partners (Formerly Industri Kapital) repurchases Attendo and focuses on expanding operations in the Nordic region, i.e. through acquisition of MedOne in Finland.


1985: The company is founded as Svensk Hemservice AB

1988: First home care contract in Stocksund

1992: First contract outside of Stockholm

1994: Svensk Hemservice is purchased and becomes Partena Care

1996: Partena Care is established in Denmark

1997: Partena Care wins first contract in Norway

2000: MedOne start activities in Finland

2001: Partena Care changes name to Attendo

2004: Attendo acquires Capio Omsorg, which owns, among other things, Bure Helse in Norway

2007: Attendo is established in Finland by merging with MedOne

2015: Attendo is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange

2018: Acquisition of Mikeva broadens the offering in social psychiatry in Finland

2022: Attendo expands the offering in family homes, rehabilitation, talent acquistion and food services.