Executive Management

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Strong common culture but with local responsibility

Attendo’s Board of Directors has delegated responsibility for the company’s management to the CEO and the Executive Management Team. Attendo has four Business Areas that are governed by a respective Business Area Director with responsibilities divided based on geographic regions and service offering. All Business Area Directors report to the CEO.

In addition to this, there are three Group functions: Finance, Business Development and Communication and IR, which all report directly to the CEO and are part of the Executive Management Team. Executive Management meets once per month to follow-up results and financial position, update strategies and business plans, and discuss the Group’s quality work, employee and organisational questions.

Executive Management

Attendo’s CEO and Executive Management Team lead Attendo in accordance with the Board of Directors’ guidelines. The Executive Management Team consists of the CEO, four Business Area Directors, CFO as well as the Business Development Director. Attendo’s Executive Management Team has, on average, worked at Attendo for over 10 years, which is unique to the industry and reflects the importance of continuity.

While the Executive Management Team has very diversified backgrounds, all of the members share a strong commitment to quality development within our industry. This contributes to important decisions being made after careful consideration from several perspectives.