Our mission

Attendos' mission is our most all-encompassing purpose. We call it: Empowering the individual.

Empowering the individual means that every person:

  • feels safe and can be who they are.
  • feels included and listened to.
  • is met with warmth and respect.
  • feels at home and part of a community. 
  • experience increased meaning and independence.

Attendo's three all-encompassing values are competence, commitment and care. They act as guidelines for everything we do, how we present ourselves to the customers, their families and to each other as employees. Our values are an important tool to help us fulfill our mission.


Attendo’s values

Care means to us

  • We show warmth in every meeting
  • We support others and each other
  • We make people feel comfortable and secure
  • We see and get to know every human being
  • We create meaning and independence in everyday life

Commitment means to us

  • We show interest in each person
  • We are curious
  • We are reliable, punctual and take responsibility
  • We do a little extra to make a difference - every day
  • We feel proud of each other and what we achieve together

Competence means to us

  • We learn from each other and others
  • We share what we are good at
  • We see and understand every person and situation
  • We are knowledgeable, accurate and keep our promises
  • We look for solutions where others see problems