Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee proposes the number of candidates and the composition of the Board, and proposes fees including special fees for committee related work. The Nomination Committee further nominates Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the General meeting and, if applicable, auditors and audit fees.

The Nomination Committee assesses that the proposed Board of Directors has an appropriate composition and size with the competence, experience and diversity as deemed necessary to support Attendo’s operation and long-term strategic work. The result from the annual board evaluation conducted by the Board during the year has been presented to the Nomination Committee. This, together with requirements in the Corporate Governance Code forms the basis of the work.

The Nomination Committee has worked in line with the instruction adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2017. The Nomination Committee to the AGM 2020 fulfills the requirements stated in the Corporate Governance Code.

The Nomination Committee’s proposals of Board members, remuneration to Board members and proposals of auditors are presented together with the notice to Annual General Meeting. The proposal are published at Attendo website at the same time as the notice are made public.

Shareholders have the right to submit proposals and opinions to the Nomination committee. Proposals are sent to:

The Nomination Committee 2020 consists of Tomas Billing (Chairman), Anssi Soila, Adam Gerge and Marianne Nilsson.