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Annual General Meeting 2021

Attendo’s Annual General Meeting 2021 will be held on 14 April 2021 in Danderyd, Stockholm.

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Group’s highest decisional organ

Attendo is a public company governed by the Swedish Companies Act. According to the Companies Act, the General Meeting is the Group’s highest decisional organ and the forum where the shareholders can exercise their influence. All shareholders that are listed in the shareholders’ register, and have given notice of attendance in time, have the right to participate in the General Meeting and to vote for their total holding of shares.

Shareholders that are unable to participate in the General Meeting personally, have the right to appoint a representative if such notification is presented well in advance of the General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting, AGM, must be convened within six months after the close of the preceding financial year. The AGM determines the articles of association and handles election of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board and the auditor as well as sets their remuneration. The AGM also adopts the income statement and balance sheet as well as determines the profit distribution and discharge of liability of the Board of Directors and CEO. In addition, the AGM handles remuneration and employment terms for the CEO and Executive Management by approving the principles for remuneration to executive management.

The AGM shall be held in Danderyd

Most decisions are made through simple majority, however, the Companies Act prescribes that certain decisions should be made by a qualified majority e.g. decisions on changes to the Articles of Association. The qualified majority requires two-thirds of the cast votes or nine-tenths of the represented shares at the General Meeting.

The AGM shall be held in Danderyd where the company has its registered office, or in the municipalilty of Stockholm. The AGM is held in Swedish, but all documentation related to the meeting is available in both Swedish and English. The date and location of the AGM is announced on Attendo’s website no later than december 31, in the preceding year.

Notice of the General Meeting is published in a press release as well as in the Swedish Official Gazette and Svenska Dagbladet. The Notice of the AGM is also published on Attendo’s website
Decisions made at the AGM are published via a press release and on the website directly after the meeting.

At Attendo’s AGM the Board Members, members of Executive Management and the auditor are always present to answer questions posed by the shareholders.