Board of directors

The Board of Directors has the ultimate responsibility for Attendo’s organisation and management. According to Attendo’s articles of association the Board of Directors shall consist of at least three and no more than ten Board Members.

Chairman of the Board, Member of the Compensation Committee, Member of the Investment Committee

Board Member, Chair of the Audit Committee

Board Member, Board Member of the Investment Committee

Board Member, Member of Audit Committee and Compensation Committee

Board Member, Chair of the Compensation Committee and the Investment Committee, Member of the Audit Committee

Board Member

Ultimate responsibility for Attendo’s organisation

The Board of Directors is elected yearly at the Annual General Meeting and continues as such until the end of the next year’s Annual General Meeting. None of the Board Members elected by the General Meeting other than the CEO is an employee of Attendo.

Attendo’s Board of Directors consists of seven General Meeting elected Board Members including the CEO, as well as a member and deputy appointed by workers’ unions. Board Meetings are also attended by the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Other members of Executive Management and other employees participate when necessary. All Board Members are experienced in business activities and in other areas relevant to Attendo’s operations.