Providing value to customers, municipalities and society at large

We at Attendo want to contribute to increased access and improving methods of care delivery. Our strategy is based on three main objectives – we will offer personalised, high-quality care, establish new and modern care homes and, in so doing, increase access to care while offering local authorities more care for money spent.

Succeeding at this puts high demands on us as an organisation. We are working according to a robust operational model in which we utilise expertise and learning from various parts of the organisation. We have well-functioning support systems to handle documentation, quality management, complaints and planning our care work to free up as much time with the customer as is possible.

At the same time, we safeguard that every local operations have a considerable degree of freedom and local managers with a mandate to make their own decisions. A central part of our toolbox is our common vision and our values, that guide us in our everyday work and in our meeting with the customer, the relatives or our paying local authorities.

We have set up a number of operative goals to deliver on our promises to customers, relatives, employees and municipalities:

• Attendo shall have the highest customer satisfaction in every location.

• Attendo shall stand for high and stable quality of care and be the leader/driver of quality improvement.

• Attendo shall be the provider that gives local authorities the most care for money spent.

By working systematically and structured to achieve these goals, we want to show that private providers have an important role in raising the quality in care, be an attractive employer to those who want to make a difference, and simultaneously providing tax-payers more value for money spent. Eventually, our reason to exist as a company is depending on our ability to deliver on these goals.