Attendo’s sustainability strategy and practical sustainability work is focused on three areas: development of society, quality and employees. Attendo is also contributing to 6 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Close dialogue with our stakeholders

Attendo's sustainability strategy is based on an ongoing dialogue with the company's stakeholders such as customers, relatives, municipalities, employees, suppliers, investors, politicians and authorities. Stakeholder dialogue increases understanding of our stakeholders' expectations and provides a basis for development areas.

We monitor the satisfaction of both customers and their close associates as well as decision makers and clients through regular surveys and ongoing conversations. We always strive to be based on the wishes and needs of the client or patient. The views and wishes of employees are captured, among other things, through employee surveys, workplace meetings and development interviews.

Materiality decides priorities

To identify what is most important to Attendo and our stakeholders, a materiality analysis is conducted where around 30 sustainability issues in different subject areas are ranked based on significance for stakeholders and Attendo respectively.

Three areas have been identified as the most important for Attendo's sustainability work: community development, quality of care and our employees.

In addition, Attendo reports according to the regulatory requirements that exist regarding environmental and climate impact, social factors, as well as anti-corruption and human rights.

Objectives and outcome

Attendo has defined overall objectives and relevant key figures within each sustainability area. The outcome is reported annually in Attendo's quality and sustainability report.

1. Development of society

Objective: Attendo aims to lead the establishment of new homes to address society’s needs for new beds within care for older people.

Key figures and outcome 2019 (2018):
Number of new beds under construction - 1,980 (2,462)
New beds in own operations - 1,950 (2,409)

2. Quality in care

Objective: Attendo should maintain and further improve it’s leading position in quality and customer satisfaction.

Key figure and outcome 2019 (2018):
Outcome in the internal quality thermometer - 84% (84%)

3. Employees

Objective: Attendo should offer a stimulating workplace for everyone who wants to make a difference.

Key figures and outcome 2019 (2018):
Employee job satisfaction - 3.9 (3.9) out of 5.0 
Satisfaction with closest manager - 3.9 (3.9) out of 5.0

Quality and sustainability report 2020

Care services are a vital part of a sustainable society. When people who need care are supported in their everyday lives, their fundamental rights to life, health and well-being, as well as empowerment, equal opportunity and gender equality are met.

Attendo is a significant provider of care services and adds new capacity, new methods and innovations to society. By giving more people access to cost-effective, high-quality care, Attendo is contributing to sustainable social development. As an employer, we are also contributing to decent working conditions, career opportunities and influence for more than 25,000 employees. Attendo works systematically to ensure that the environmental and climate impact of the business is sustainable.

Read our quality and sustainability report for 2020