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Attendo is the leading private provider of health care services in the Nordic region with operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Attendo provides services within care for older people and people with disabilities, individual and families. Attendo is organized in two business areas Attendo Scandinavia and Attendo Finland. The operations are divided into two main contract models: own operations and outsourcing.

Different solutions for different customers

  • Own operations – where Attendo provides services in own controlled units/premises or provides services in customer choice models. Attendo has own units within care for older people, people with disabilities and individuals and families.
  • Outsourcing operations – where Attendo provides services in publicly controlled units/premises or provides home care services based on outsourcing contract model. Attendo has outsourced units for care for older people, people with disabilities and individuals and families.

Own operations are based on framework agreements and outsourcing operations are based on outsourcing contracts, following a tender process. The customer contract period is typically 2-5 years.

Own operations

~80% of net sales consists of own operations

Experience to meet local needs

Attendo has extensive experience in constructing own homes and offer care placements to municipalities based on their local needs. When we build own operations, we take full responsibility for financing, designing, constructing, equipping and staffing these homes. Designing and construction is done together with real estate companies that construct, own and manage the facilities. In own operations, Attendo also offers home care services in municipalities with customer choice.

Own operations means high standards of quality

Own operations is primarily operated by framework agreement without a volume guarantee. This puts specific demands on Attendo to offer excellent quality to both the client and the customer as well as reach out to those who will actively choose their care provider. To be able to understand the client’s needs and preferences is central, since it is the client's satisfaction that determines how successful Attendo is.

Advantages for the clients and patients

In own operations, Attendo has greater opportunity to affect the care experience of the client and their relatives. Attendo’s lifestyle living with its unique concepts that characterize the entire operation is a good example of this.

Advantages for the municipalities

Attendo’s own operations offer many advantages to the municipalities that are our customers:

  • Long-term commitment – Own operations ensures a long-term cooperation between Attendo and the municipality. It means better security for the clients as well as for the employees.
  • Long experience – Attendo has vast experience in planning, building and operating different care units. This gives us valuable knowledge on how a nursing or care home is best designed in order to be functional
  • Freedom of choice and diversity – Clients can be offered a choice of different livings and different concepts, for example a lifestyle living with a focus on Outdoors & Garden.
  • Competence and quality – The municipality gets a cooperation partner who has expertise and experience in building and operating homes that improve quality of life.
  • Low risk – Attendo assumes the entire financial risk which means the designing, building and developing the care facilities.
  • Carefree – Attendo takes care of the entire process, from finding suitable property to financing, designing, building, acquiring furnishings and recruiting personnel.
  • Flexibility – Attendo offers municipalities the opportunity to meet changed needs and increased demands for care placements.

Own operations are found in:

Attendo operates its own units within care for older people,care for people with disabilities and individual and families. Attendo has own operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

Outsourced operations

~20% of net sales consists of outsourced operations

How it works

Attendo operates units owned by municipalities e.g. the customer, through outsourced operations. The service offerings consist of, for example, care for older people or group homes for people with disabilities. Attendo offers employment for co-workers in the units while the municipality has a continued responsibility for the premises where the services are rendered. Municipal agreements generally cover a two to five year period with an extension option. After any extension period must be renegotiated.

Advantages for the clients and patients

For clients, Attendo contributes to freedom of choice and quality development in the care. In the outsourced units, the client takes part of Attendo's business model with leadership, values and quality work that focuses on empowering the individual and creating a better care experience.

Advantages for the customer

For municipalities, Attendo is a cooperation partner that contributes with new ideas and drives development forward. The municipalities have a challenging task to satisfy a growing number of older peoples’ need for health and social care while simultaneous saving taxpayers’ money. Attendo offers the municipalities competence and organisation that enables the municipalities to focus on other prioritised areas.

Outsourced operations are found in:

Outsourced operations are mainly found the business area Attendo Scandinavia i.e. in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. There are a few outsourcing contracts in Finland as well.