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Attendo as an investment

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Attendo is the leading care company in the Nordic region and has existed since 1985. Attendo received Sweden’s first outsourcing contract for home care services in the Danderyd municipality, outside Stockholm, in 1987. Since then, several other municipalities have chosen to open up publicly funded care to increase freedom of choice and competition in order to, among other things, promote quality development.

Since the start, Attendo has increased the operations to include more geographic areas and new business areas. Today, Attendo is found in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. With the vision to strengthen the individual Attendo provides services within care for older people, care for people with disabilities and individual and families.

An ever increasing number of municipalities choose to work with Attendo as it contributes to freedom of choice and quality development in care while providing transparency for the municipalities costs with a more effective use of taxpayers’ money as a result.

Attractive market with strong growth potential

  • An aging population increases the demand for care and health care: The demographic development with an increasing number of older people in the population and a longer life expectancy entails that the demand and need for care and health care services in society will increase, especially the demand for nursing homes and home care.
  • An increased share of private providers of care: The private share of care has historically been increasing. Trends including increased focus on quality, an increasing demand for freedom of choice and a need for productivity improvements, are contributing to the expectation that the share of private care to continue to increase in the future.
  • Increasing customer requirements: As living standards are improving, the behavior of customers and their relatives are changing. Today they are more active in their choices and evaluate more care options before making a decision.
  • Increased interest in freedom of choice: Private providers and freedom of choice is a natural part of care for older people in several European countries. When care for older people was developed in the Nordics, freedom of choice was limited. The interest in being able to make a choice yourself has increased among older people in all Nordic countries.

Nordic market and quality leader

  • Market leading positions in the Nordics: Attendo is the largest company within care services in the Nordics and the only private provider with operations in four Nordic countries. Attendo considers itself to have a unique market coverage with units in more than 200 local authorities and contracts with approximately 30 percent of the around 1,100 local authorities in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. In Sweden and Finland, Attendo has contracts with more than 50 percent of all local authorities. Attendo is the largest company within care for older people in Sweden and Finland. In Denmark Attendo is the second largest company and in Norway the fourth largest company within care for older people.
  • A proven attractive business model: The Company operates according to the Attendo model, which has been developed over a long period of time. The Attendo model has three cornerstones: The best people in a decentralised organisation, a strong company culture, and a shared toolbox and a curiosity to learn.
  • Systematic quality work: Attendo has during a long period of time developed a quality system, AQ, where processes and activities are defined, measured and monitored. Attendo was the first private care company in the Nordics to publish a quality report. The essence of the local operations is deviation reporting, and the monthly follow-up lead by the local quality coordinator available at each unit. Minutes over the operations are kept, and besides the deviation handling, local development projects are also handled. All of this is coordinated to a monthly quality thermometer, which gives the employees local feedback and contributes to learning between the operations. Through Attendo’s systematic quality work a high level of client satisfaction, shorter waiting times for doctors’ appointments and the possibility of more activities for older people within care for older people, among others, is achieved.

Platform for continued development

  • High organic growth: Attendo has driven organic growth every year for a long time. By continuing to offer good quality through the Company’s proven business model, Attendo considers itself well positioned for continued organic growth during the coming years.
  • Complementary acquisitions: In addition to growing organically, the Company has a history of growing through acquisitions. Attendo has developed clear guidelines to identify and conduct acquisitions. The identification and selection of acquisition targets is driven by assessments of the quality of the operations, business needs, availability and financial considerations.