Dividend and Repurchase of Shares

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Dividend and dividend policy

Decisions on dividends shall be based on Attendo’s investment opportunities and financial position. The company’s dividend policy was established by the Board of Directors on 21 August 2015. The dividend policy is to distribute 30 percent of the net profit.

Repurchase of own shares

The Annual General Meeting resolved to grant the Board of Directors the authority to, on one or more occasions for the period until the end of the Annual General Meeting 2020, resolve upon acquisition and transfer of the company’s own shares, on or outside Nasdaq Stockholm or through an offer made to all of Attendo’s shareholders. The purpose of the authority is to give the Board of Directors wider freedom of action and the possibility to continuously work with the company’s capital structure and thereby contribute to increased shareholder value and capture attractive business opportunities through, in whole or partially, financing company acquisitions with own shares, and to secure social security contributions under Attendo+ 2018, Attendo+ 2017 and Attendo+ 2016 (SSP 2015).

The company may acquire maximum so many shares that the company’s holding of own shares, including shares that have been acquired and are held, at any given time amounts to a maximum of ten (10) percent of all the shares in the company.

For information about all transactions in the buy-back program visit the Nasdaq Stockholm website here (external link).